Another year, another 'Special Edition' vehicle release. But if you are a German tuning company named G-Power, and are celebrating your 30th anniversary, you would want to reveal something big, something fast and preferably, something brown. Unlike Nimrod, G-Power has managed to create a car that will appeal to many car enthusiasts, including the majority of Jalops (a brown wagon? What's not to like?!).
Despite the lack of a diesel variant, the German auto tuner offers a more than reasonable alternative. Using the E61 M5 Touring as a building block, the German hooligans upgrade the V1o with two superchargers (Kompressors?) to a total of 820 galloping horses. To put this into perspective, the wagon is capable of sprinting from rest to 200 km/h in 9.5 seconds. That's enough to warp your eyes, along with those of your three passengers, out of their sockets.

Illustration for article titled The G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring is a Plethora of Browness

Did I mention the G-Power M5 Hurricane RR Touring currently holds the record for being the world's fastest wagon? Currently, that bar is set at 372.1 km/h (230.2 mph for you Imperial folk).


However, its name isn't the only thing that is sophisticated. The interior is elegantly smothered with all the brown leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber one could ever dream of. As if that still wasn't enough, G-Power have also fitted it with two iPads, and three monitors for all your Apple TV viewing pleasures.


For more pictures and details, visit G-Power's website here.

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